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As a Foundation we believe that there is much to be learned that will benefit health care today by telling the inspiring story of the 117 years of service by Saint Mary’s Hospital.

To accomplish this goal we published this story in a book “The Life and Destruction of Saint Mary’s Hospital” by Jaimie McEvoy. McEvoy, a historian and writer, worked tirelessly as the organizer of the Save Saint Mary’s Coalition. As the wrecking ball struck,  McEvoy was determined that the legacy of this unique hospital should not be forgotten.

The story of Saint Mary’s Hospital, in New Westminster, British Columbia, founded in 1887, by the Sisters of Providence, began with 42 patients and 5 staff, evolved through vision, modernization and growth, into one of the finest surgical centres in the province.

From its opening day, Saint Mary’s Hospital brought profound changes to health care in the province. Unlike other hospitals at that time, which did not accept children or persons with incurable conditions, Saint Mary’s welcomed both. The Sisters did not discriminate by race and served the old, the rich, the poor and the mentally ill alike. Even those who did not need medical care but were simply hungry, were fed.

The remarkable history of Saint Mary’s, is placed within the context of the history of British Columbia and New Westminster--encompassing a period including the creation of the province; the gold rush; two world wars; small pox,cholera and influenza epidemics; the Great Fire of New Westminster; numerous healthcare reforms and the ultimate controversy that closed Saint Mary’s doors forever, in 2004, after 117 years of faithful and compassionate service.

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