Saint Mary's Health Foundation - making a difference in health care


The  Saint Mary’s Health Foundation Board includes people closely associated with the former Saint Mary’s Hospital or its Foundation. All members are very knowledgeable as to health care needs and are able to ensure that donations are directed exclusively to projects which will provide the most direct benefit to patients. The Foundation ensures that monies are properly spent for the purposes for which they are intended and accountability is ensured.



Paul Levy, Chair, former Chair, Saint Mary's Hospital Foundation
Margaret Mason, former Trustee, Saint Mary's Hospital Board
Betty Wynne, Treasurer, former Chair, Saint Mary's Hospital Board
Bernie Bilodeau, former CEO, Saint Mary's Hospital
Dr. John Blatherwick, retired Health Administrator
Karl Crosby,  Retired Health Care Executive
Mary Anne Lane, Retired RN
Dr. Hugh Parsons,  former Chair, Medical Advisory Committee, Saint Mary's Hospital
Dr. Wally Rebeka, former Chief of Medical Staff, Saint Mary's Hospital
Robert Stewart, Event Planning, Project Management
Beverly Welsh, Retired Palliative Care RN, Saint Mary's Hospital
Jacy J. Wingson, Lawyer