Saint Mary's Health Foundation - making a difference in health care


With the closure of Saint Mary’s Hospital in 2004, Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation changed its name to “Saint Mary’s Health Foundation of New Westminster”.



Saint Mary’s Health Foundation aims to carry on the work of the former Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation by helping health care providers continue the compassionate care and high standards maintained by Saint Mary’s Hospital for over 117 years. This charitable society supports patient care by allocating funds from its investments to deserving hospital and health providers, within New Westminster and surrounding area, on an annual basis.

Hospitals and health care providers apply for funds and all applications that are received by September 30th each year are reviewed by the Foundation Directors. Those that are most suited to the criteria for financial support are selected and distributions made. Every effort is made to select programs and initiatives which are most compatible with the principles of compassionate care which Saint Mary’s Hospital exemplified. Support for initiatives to improve patient care, staff morale and competency are preferred. Gifts made by the Foundation since 2004 total $1,133,810 as of 2015.